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Green and Purple Succulents
Recent Courses
Staci Haines

The Politics of Trauma: Embodied Transformation, Social Action and Love, 20-hr, Oct 2023-April 2024

National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM)
  • Expert Strategies to Help Clients Develop Tolerance for Emotional Distress, Jan 2022;

  • The Neurobiology of Attachment, Nov 2022

Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute
  • Vicarious Trauma: Strategies for Supporting Resilience; Trauma-Informed Care August 2021

Recent Certifications
The Embody Lab
  • Certificate, 120-hr, Mind-Body Coaching, April-August 2023
  • Certificate, 25-hr, Embodied Conflict Resolution, May-June 2023
  • Certificate, 60-hr, Somatic Attachment Therapy, Feb-June 2023 
Love Your Brain (LYB)
  • Certificate, Level 2, March-April 2023
Mental Health First Aid Canada
  • Certificate, Module 1, October 2021
​University of Alberta, Online Modules
  • Certificate, Indigenous Canada, April 2021

John Curtis Conflict Resolution
  • Certificate, Conflict Coaching, March 2021

Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution (CICR)
  • Certification, Third-Party Neutral (TPN) Mediation and Facilitation, August-Nov 2017

  • Community Mediation 21-Hour, March 2018

  • Deep-Rooted Conflict, June 2018

Intersol Group,  2013-2015
  • Advanced Facilitative Leadership

  • Leadership Communication

  • Emotional Intelligence at Work

  • Facilitative Leadership

Masters in Conflict Studies, Saint Paul University

Integrative Peacebuilding Project: Adaptive Leadership, Complexity Thinking, Comprehensive Approach, Intercultural and Interreligious Engagement, Identity Conflict and Reconciliation



MA in Conflict Studies, 2019-2022

Final completed research project, September 2021: Embodying Grief: Stepping Into our Human Place within Earth

I still have two course to complete in this MA!

Masters in Public Administration & Policy Studies, Queen's University

Research project on barriers to meeting women’s economic rights.

Bachelor in Cultural Anthropology & African Studies, University of Toronto


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